Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a foundation problem?

The only way to be sure is to have one of our foundation estimators conduct an on-site evaluation. If there is a foundation problem we can remedy, the estimator will provide a repair plan and price quote. If the estimator finds no problem with your home's foundation, we can provide you with a letter documenting the findings. Request your free on-site estimate from Atlantic Foundations, Inc. today!

How much do you charge for your services?

Inspections are free to homeowners and prospective buyers. Our trained estimator will provide a complete analysis and honest evaluation. If repairs are needed, we will provide a written quote.

Do I need to be present for the inspection?

Yes, the inspector will need access to the interior of your home to inspect for signs of foundation and concrete slab problems and to take evaluation readings.

How do you determine what needs to be done?

Depending on the complexity of the home’s foundation problems, our professional inspector will inspect your home’s exterior and interior and take elevation readings of the interior. After the inspection, he will match the structural indications with the elevation readings to create a complete picture of what stresses are being exerted upon your home. Finally, a detailed floor plan and repair proposal will be designed and the inspector will explain all aspects of your home’s foundation situation.

Do I have to repair my foundation in order to sell it?

There are latent defect disclosure laws that prohibit a homeowner from patching up cracks to cover a foundation problem and selling it to an unknowing buyer. Most mortgage companies will not issue a loan on a house to be purchased unless the foundation is repaired. The only exception would be a cash buyer who is willing to accept the house “as-is.”

Does insurance cover the cost of foundation repair?

Most standard homeowners insurance policies state that foundation repair is covered only if the damage is the result of a plumbing leak.

How long will my foundation repairs take?

The average foundation repair takes 2-3 days. Depending on the scope of work, the time frame may be greater.

Do I have to call all the utilities before work begins?

Atlantic Foundations will handle contacting the utilities before foundation repair begins.

Do you clean the property after the job is completed?

Definitely -- all dirt that is excavated from your property is placed on your driveway and hauled away that day or the next day and your driveway is thoroughly cleaned.

Will my landscape be damaged?

The repair method requires only minimal disturbance to the landscape. In cases where plantings must be removed temporarily, every effort will be made to ensure their survival.

Will fixing my foundation close the existing cracks or open new ones?

It is possible to do both. The goal of foundation repairs is to return the house to as near its' original horizontal position as possible while trying to limit damage to the home.

Brick cracks - the stairstep brick cracks that you typically see on houses where the foundation has failed will generally close up when you lift the slab back into place. There is no guarantee that the cracks will close because each home is different and there are other factors that have more to do with the construction of the home. Some small new drywall cracks are more common.

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